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Subtle Energies & Intuitive Skills, Meditation Class

What people are saying:

"Michael's teachings are amazingly practical and accessible, yet transformative. The curriculum he has developed - the sequence of materials, the explanations, and the guided exercises - are well-designed and impactful. To say "I gained a lot" is a dramatic understatement. His classes open doors to new worlds. They are beginnings to beautiful journeys. Highly recommended!"

~Adele M.  San Francisco

Subtle Energies & Intuitive Skills, 3 Session Series $145

3 Sessions, Saturdays, 12/7, 12/14 & 12/21

Subtle Energies & Intuitive Skills

1pm - 4pm

The Heartbeat Collective, 3630 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, CA

Event Details

3 Sessions, Saturdays, 12/7, 12/14 & 12/21

Subtle Energies & Intuitive Skills

Subtle Energies and Intuitive Skills is an introductory course for anyone curious about energy work and meditation, self discovery, and in particular those who identify as "highly sensitive".  

In this 3 session workshop, you’ll learn how to use a series of subtle energies available to all humans to see, sense, repair and clear away energetic disruptions that can shut you down and keep you from being your fully expressed bad-ass self. 

You will learn to intuitively connect with your own needs and to address imbalances within your body's subtle energy systems, as well as discover, explore, process, integrate and positively shift the energetic influences of other people, in addition to your own response patterns to be more aligned with your direct experience and your own unique personal wisdom. 

This workshop series will explore the nature and uses of Subtle Energies including: Earth Energy; Life Force Energy; Universal Consciousness Energy; Physical Healing Energy; Spirit Essence Energy; Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies.

You will learn to run these energies for yourself through discussion, guided mediation and touch-less exercises with others, applying immediately useful and practical techniques that bring your whole body-mind-spirit self into a state of balance, awake and aware. 

Session 1

Part 1: "Becoming an Earthed Earthling":  1st & 7th Chakras and Earth Energy, the power of grounding to Earth and living in a state of grounded presence.

Part 2: "Embracing the Tree of Life Force":  2nd Chakra and Life Force Energy, the power and delightful benefits of clearing out other people's energies (OPE) and filling up with your own Life Force Energy.

Session 2

Part 1: "Progressing into your Personal Power":  3rd Chakra and Universal Consciousness Energy, the power of creation through intention, action, self discovery, self awareness, and your own personal wisdom.

Part 2: "Healing your Hurt Heart": 4th Chakra and Physical Healing Energy, the healing effects of holding space, kindness compassion and heart centered living.

Session 3

Part 1: "Delving into your Divine Duality": 5th Chakra and Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Energies, bringing forth the wisdom of your innate masculine and feminine energies and learning to use them together for more informed self healing.

Part 2: "Seeing Symbolically": 6th Chakra and Trusting your Intuition, Tying it all together into a framework for mindful living based on a balanced Mind, Body and Spirit.

1pm - 4pm

The Heartbeat Collective, 3630 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, CA

Subtle Energies & Intuitive Skills Class Location

The Heartbeat Collective

3630 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, California 94609, United States