During this time of uncertainty, meditation and a look inward with some inquiry and intention can go a long way to calming your nerves, accepting reality, and taking control over what you can, YOU! Together, we will breathe, relax, look inside, and learn new skills. Give it a try. It works!  


"Michael has an extraordinary way of taking spiritual and meditation tools and grounding them to be leveraged in our everyday lives.  The energetic resources he's shared with me helped me successfully navigate an extremely challenging and painful period of time in the evolution of my company.  Michael creates a strong, gentle container for healing the spirit.  I am so grateful for his clear, kind and powerful guidance."

Natalie, Oakland, CA


Michael holds a Mastery Certification in Energy Medicine from the Academy of Intuition Medicine.  He's taught in the Graduate School of Education at UC Berkeley and has led workshops internationally. Michael is also certified in Leadership Development, Group Facilitation, and Mediation & Conflict Resolution, and has served as the Director of the UC Berkeley Outdoor and Experiential Education Program. 

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