Michael Timothy Bean



Soul-Expression emerged after a journey inward to explore intuitive senses and symbolic sight. The result is an unlocking of new creativity and a desire to share with others in a way that serves and awakens.  


 As a practitioner, I use Energy Medicine to help you balance the flow of your body’s subtle energies and to improve your physical, spiritual and emotional health and well-being.   During our consultation, I will employ and share practical tools to help you tap into your own divine wisdom and to clear away any energies that are not in alignment with your full self expression.  I may also incorporate Intuography images as an aid to more fully connect with you and the messages we receive.    


Energy Medicine


I am a life-long learner, explorer and seasoned educator who specializes in interpersonal skill development and experiential education. I earned an Anthropology degree from UC Berkeley,  and I am certified in Leadership Development, Group Facilitation, Mediation & Conflict Resolution, and hold a Master Certification in Energy Medicine.  I have created and taught a highly rated course at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Education, and have led high impact workshops and seminars such as with the Department of Health and Well-Being at Kansai University, Osaka, Japan.

I look forward to a session with you at my Solano Avenue location in Berkeley or by phone/video call.  Feel free to contact me directly via text or call 510 606-8118 to begin a conversation.  

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"Flow  & Growth"

 Intuography is the art of capturing flashes of inspiration and intuitively transforming them into colorful abstractions that represent the present time energies of the soul subject. I use Intuography during consultations by reading the cards you pull from the Intuography See & Say Card Deck. Intuography is used as a tool to connect with clients in the form of Intuography card readings.

Intuography Card Deck Gallery