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Energy Work, Coaching & In-Person Classes Testimonials

"Attending Michael's workshops, I was blown away by how powerful his energy visualizations were.  Michael is skilled at conveying the concepts and facilitating an effective and fun group process.  He did a fantastic job  of weaving the group together and creating a warm, encouraging environment for everyone to learn and experiment.  I've used a variety of these practices in stressful situations at work.  The tools Michael taught us work-even for a former cynic like myself  :-).  I highly recommend Michael's workshops and hope to join another series soon."  ~Natalie, El Cerrito, CA   


"Michael's teachings are amazingly practical and accessible, yet transformative. The curriculum he has developed - the sequence of materials, the explanations, and the guided exercises - are well-designed and impactful. To say "I gained a lot" is a dramatic understatement. His classes open doors to new worlds. They are beginnings to beautiful journeys. Highly recommended!"

~Adele,  San Francisco, CA


"Michael is a most amazing energy worker! In my birthday reading, he really helped me see how my mind is often overactive and how I really need to quiet it and be in a no-think space. Afterwards, I felt lighter, radiant and more self-expressive.  Michael's energy is so calming and his approach so gentle - I highly recommend him and will definitely refer my patients to him!"
~Gianna, Mill Valley, CA


"The most enjoyable and useful part of my first healing session with Michael was how well he nailed the challenges I need to work on. Particularly in the different chakras in my body. These challenges go back deep into my childhood, from the very beginning and continue throughout my life to present time. I appreciated the gentle way in which Michael explained what my challenges were and how we would go about clearing them out. When he asked me to choose a warm, sunny place to “go”, with eyes closed and to look all around at the details, I was literally transported to a favorite childhood beach. It was as if I were actually there. This was quite pleasurable in itself. Michael has a way of getting you to a deeper place to get to work while you don’t even realize you are working. The flow feels smooth and natural and at the end of all of it is joy and growth. I am ready for my next session!"

~Gwynaeth, San Anselmo, CA


"Michael, thank you so much for your support over these past months. I am blown away by what you've shown me, even though I feel like we've only scratched the surface.  Our last session was a milestone in itself (one that continued to unfold throughout the night and into the next morning) and also a perfect bookend for the mentorship.  On our first call we did a grounding meditation that took me far deeper than I'd ever been. When I expressed how remarkable this was you said "You can do it yourself!" It seemed incomprehensible at the time, and now slightly amusing that I could not see this.  I resisted what you said for quite some time. Then, on our final call after I said I'd had gotten myself off-balance and needed a healing, I realized that while it doesn't hurt to have the help of a master, I could have done a lot of this on my own using some basic tools and there wasn't some esoteric technique required to bring me forward. I thought I had gotten so lost that I needed someone's help to pull me out, but the only help I needed was to be able to see that I could do a significant amount of it myself.  Thanks again!  Now I feel empowered that I will be able to find my way through my struggles."

~Ron, San Francisco, CA


"I’ve suffered debilitating migraines for over 40 years. Over that time I’ve compiled a “toolbox “ of various countermeasures to help address and relieve the pain. For the most part it entails a variety of medications (prescription and over the counter) and actions (ice, rest, dark room) at the onset of the migraine. Michael has provided me with an additional tool to add to that arsenal that’s both effective and holistic. By phone he talked me through a series of creative images that both grounded and calmed me. Once in that state he continued to use imagery so that I could visualize the pain and release it. It took a little time as I’m not someone who meditates or is good at getting to or staying in a restful state. Throughout the process Michael was patient, calm and calming. He gave excellent instructions and by the end of the call I was in a fully relaxed state and nearly pain free. I was relieved and thankful not to need my prescription medication that day. Since then, with the tools he’s provided me I’ve been able to walk myself through the steps to pursue relief on several times. It’s not 100% but I’m grateful to have another effective measure I can use before reaching for medication. I think Michael has a wonderful gift to provide healing and I would recommend his services to anyone seeking an alternative method of pain relief."

~Lauren, Villas, Cape May County, NJ


Michael, you blessed my home while visiting Cape May. You connected with and calmed our “forever” spirits who have been in our home since we’ve been here. You felt the older spirits and helped me cleanse myself and our space. You taught me how to meditate and where to find my room in my mind, a place I don’t go to as often as I would like, but at least I have some new tools I can use. You are truly a blessing and we look forward to seeing you again on your travels."

~Margaret, North Cape May, NJ


Michael has an extraordinary way of taking spiritual tools and grounding them to be leveraged in our everyday lives.  The energetic resources he's shared with me helped me successfully navigate an extremely challenging and painful period of time in the evolution of my company.  Michael creates a strong, gentle container for healing the spirit.  I am so grateful for his clear, kind and powerful guidance.

~Natalie, Oakland, CA


Michael's card readings are similar to being immersed in a clear stream of water. The sessions held some surprises, at times.  The information he shared, like clear, fresh water, can take a moment to adjust to, like a cool dunk.  In our sessions I have experienced the refreshing and soothing calm of being honored in a safe space that helped me open more.  There is kindness in his delivery and a profound awareness in seeing and then saying what was for my highest good.  The colors of the art seem to bring forth the truth of the flow that is within the image in that moment of capture. What each image and each person tells the world, is often hidden in the mask of every day.  A smile can hide many things.  When intuition is brought in to interact with a photo, it communicates with what is so, with the message that is being shared in the moment that the picture is taken.  Every time I look at one of the pieces, I see things, shapes and messages.  It is beautiful.  It is a gift to see the liquid nature of energy flow, it is constantly changing and Michael allows for the suspension of the image and brings up the intuitive message instead.  

~Samira, Sausalito, CA

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